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Did you know October is breast cancer awareness month? 

According to the Canadian Cancer Society, every day this past year, an estimated 75 Canadians heard the life-changing words, “You have breast cancer”.

Even though more individuals are now surviving a breast cancer diagnosis, it remains the most common cancer and second leading cause of death for Canadian women. It’s important to note that men can also be at risk of developing breast cancer. As early detection is key, be sure to follow the recommended screening guidelines and make your health team aware of any health changes as soon as possible.

Physiotherapy can play a vital role in supporting individuals throughout the continuum of care from diagnosis to post-care management. Common breast cancer treatments (chemotherapy, surgery or radiation) may cause unwanted side effects such as pain, swelling, fatigue, numbness, underarm tightness and/or limited mobility/loss of movement in neck/arms and shoulders.

How can Physiotherapy Help? 

  •  Improve Range of Motion: improve range of motion in neck and shoulder as required through exercise and stretching
  •  Scar/tissue management: decrease adhesions and promote skin healing
  •  Swelling/Lymphedema: provide strategies for prevention and hands on techniques to decrease swelling in arm
  •  Fatigue Management: improve understanding and develop personalized strategies to manage cancer related fatigue
  •  Posture/Strengthening: improve strength of shoulder, arm and upper back muscles
  •  Reduce Pain: through management of the contributors of the pain
  •  Improve Quality of Life: support return to meaningful activities and vocations

It is incredibly important that you seek care from a physiotherapist who has additional training and experience in managing individuals with breast cancer. If you or someone you know is undergoing treatment for breast cancer and believe they might benefit from physiotherapy please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at

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